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Arlintong National Cemetery in Washington D.C





Vang Pao, a revered former general in the Royal Army of Laos who led thousands of Hmong guerrillas in a CIA-backed secret army during the Vietnam War, has died. He was 81. After immigrating to the United States once the communists seized power in Laos in 1975, Vang Pao was venerated as a leader and a father figure by the large Hmong refugee populations who resettled in California's Central valley, Minneapolis and cities throughout Wisconsin.

An intent of this memorial is to remember and to honor the terns of thousands who lost their lives fighting the "Secret war" in Laos and the tens of thousands who perished at the hands of the Lao communist regime after it came to power in 1975. It is most humbling and sad to recall the sacrifices and suffering of the mountain wariors who served under Hmong General Vang Pao and who risked all to assist the United States in its efforts to contain communism at the Lao borders and to keep Laos free.

Another intent of this memorial is to set straight the history for the Hmong and their relationship with the United States during the Vietname in Military Region II. Hmong homelands, became covert in 1962. journalists were forbidden from the area. American CIA paramilitary advisors, (whom the Hmong called "Sky") who worked with General Vang Pao in the field. American pilots who flew combat missions in support of this operations, the pilots of Air America, Bird Air, and Continental Air civilian pilots who flew the re-supply and rescue missions, the Reven spotter pilots who flwe slow-moving aircraft to identify enemy locations and then call in air strikes by U.S. Air Force pilots based in Thailand, or the U.S. ambassadors, and all the others who worked for the clandesting activities in Laos were forbidden from speaking publicly about the war in Las because it was a classified operation."By Dr.Jane Hamilton-Merritt"

  More Hmong mountain warios who served under General Vang Pao to assist the Unitead States are still alives and located all over the 50 states in America and other countries still dreaming to their sacrificed of Lost and Sad. A Veteran Memorial Day was held in difference states to hornor themself.

On March 12, 2013, at 716 w. 4th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501 in room 210. Mr. Lee Pasert and his group Meeting with House MILITARY & VETERANS AFFAIR SPECIAL COMMITTE to testify the BILLl HCR 4 HMONG-AMERICAN VETERANS MEMORIAL DAY for May 15, in the State of Alaska.


BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature proclaims May 15 as Hmong Veterans Memorial Day, to promote, publicize, and increase awareness of the important role the Hmong have played in United State history, to commenmorate Hmong history Month, and to afford an opportunity for people to recognize the service and sacrifice of the Hmong with appropriate ceremonies and activities.
Nyob rau ntawm lub lav Alaska, cov nom tswv tau tso cai rau Hmoob qub tub rog(Hmong Veterans) los ua ib hnub so nco txog cov qub tug rog Hmoob uas tau tas sim neej vim txoj kev ua tsov rog Vietnam nrog rau lub teb chaw United State los yog America. Lub hnub no yog lub Tsib Hlis tim 15 txhua txhua xyoo.


About 6000 verterans are still in the United States today, and they deserve the choice to be buried in national cemeteries. This concept is not without precedent. Currently, burial benefits are available for Philippine Armed Forces veterans who answered the call to serve during World War II, just like the Hmong. This legisltaion would not grant the small group of Hmong veterans full veteran benefits, but would simply authorize their interment in national cemeteries across the Nation. A small, but desrved token of appreciation and an appropriate honor for their sacrifices towards a common goal of democracy and freedom in the world.
Tsab ntawv tso cia ntawm Xab Pha nqe thib ob, rau peb cov qub tub rog Hmoob thoob teb chaws America, yog thaum ib tug twg tsis muaj txoj sia lawm muaj cai coj mus cia nrog tau rau America cov qub tub rog CEMETERIES.